Industrial Solutions

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Industrial Solutions

Robin Baines ( is working on projects in Logistics and the Management Execution Systems (MES) where production control, planning and forecasting interact with production.

The accent is on turning plans into practical solutions. Working with client experts, problems are identified, solutions are evaluated and planning and budgets are worked out. A role during execution of the plan either in project management or as a developer is often a logical step.

Communication skills in Dutch and English are combined with project and automation knowledge to ensure practical solutions with clearly defined and measurable aims. Aside from the project management skills, database (SQL, cube development) and programming skills (C#, VB, C++ and Python) play and important role in the implementation of production support tools which count. If you have a problem or a plan and need to get it worked out and executed let me know. Where I think I can be of use I offer free consultancy of half day.

Just as important, and usually more difficult than development and implementation, is working out exactly what is needed; that involves teamwork, project management, plain talking and mutual understanding from end users and developers.

Robin Baines is a one man business (eenmanszaak) working from the Netherlands. Existing clients are in Grasse - France, Runcorn - England, Amsterdam and Oosterwolde. When necessary a network of developers can be activated for increased production! One of those developers is Mark Brand. The applications, which we made together, are indicated by 'B&B'.
FENIT delivery conditions apply and References and VAR (Verklaring Arbeids Relatie) are available.