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Requirements and Use-cases

Use-cases describe processes from the point of view of users in their language.
Creation and validation of the processes using Use-cases has proved to be an excellent way of getting agreement on what should be made within a company and with suppliers of software. It avoids specifying how suppliers should make their solution but does specify what it should do to support the production process. By finding the right client experts and the right level of detail a use-case not only fixes requirements for software but is the basis for training, work description and testing.
This, it appears, is a bold statement as the use-case requirements discussion rages on; but it has worked well for me and my clients! Use-cases are just a part of requirements but are the most critical part. If there is no agreement on what software is expected to do then there is no project to manage.

Amsterdam Metro - Traffic signalling system (2003)

A Program of Requirements written for the replacement of parts of a Traffic signalling system.
This project was used to consolidate the specification and use of open systems. The architecture is SCADA, PLC, and TCPIP/Ethernet with the use of Fast Switches, Level 2 security and network partitioning.
Writing the requirements was a fixed price project executed over 5 months, from October 2001 to February 2002 for the Amsterdam Transport Company, the GVB. They were used as part of a European tender and were written in Dutch. They include a description of the existing system, a description of the new system and project management guidelines for tenderers.
An appendix with detailed cost estimate, reliability analysis and total cost of ownership estimation was used during evaluation of the tenders and negotiation with the tenderers.
The diagram shows the Amsterdam metro stations.
Traffic signalling system

Pill Packing Production (2011)

A detailed requirements for ERP for 4 pill packing factories.

Paint Factory Requirements (2006 – 2010)

The requirements specify the replacement of an existing automation system. The old MES and SCADA applications were to be replaced with PVSS in the production halls and improvements in the SAP interfacing in the raw material preparation department were also specified.
Tendering of the project took place in 2005. I subsequently took an active role in the management of the Project. It was completed successfully in 2006.
The original plan was used as the basis for 2 other factories using the same solution. The first of these factories was commissioned in 2011.